Our agency was started in 1959 by Mitchell Jetton and McNeil Moore in Center Texas. Mitchell and McNeil built their business developing relationships of trust and service to their clients where we replicate that same model in our practice today. John joined their agency in 1988 and became acting General Manager of the agency in 1998 and established the name JBA Financial Services. Our offices are located in Center, Commerce and Longview, Texas. Michael joined the agency in 2003, Jason in March of 2013 and Sarah in September of 2013. We are blessed to have Alissa, Jocelyn and Stephanie as support staff.

We believe in the importance of a strong foundation with the security of a family or business be built on adequate life insurance coverage. In conjunction to the life coverage we have developed through experience the expertise of other lines of coverage in order to support the additional needs of our clients as their families or businesses' change. It is a blessing for us to share in the lives of our clients and be there for them whatever their need may be.